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Who Am I?

Have you ever struggled with knowing who you truly are as an individual? For most of us the answer to this question is, “Absolutely!” Some people define themselves by their parents, some by other people, some by a job/career or titles, some by church activities/positions, some by hobbies and family and even more define themselves by identifying with who they are not. All of these ways of defining yourself are attached to something or someone.

Each attachment contains relevance to who you think you are as a person. You may lack confidence so you live in the shadow of someone else, you may feel like nothing that you do is good enough for your parents so you attach yourself to that self-image and forever try to live up to what you think is required from you, you may lack high self-esteem so you attach yourself to things that tend to make you look good to this corrupt world that we live in, you may be insecure in yourself so you look for validation/attention from other people to make you feel good inside, you may think that you are the worse person in the world so you make sure that you always point out the things that others have issues with, making sure you emphasize that this is not you.

These attachments will never help you understand who you are. Nothing is wrong with these attachments, but you have to consider why you are attached. God wants us all to know who we are in Him. You will find that His journey is so much easier than trying to live up to how you are defining yourself. God wants you, just like you are. He is not going to make unreasonable requests from you and make you jump through hoops to have a relationship with Him. These attachments are not able to lead you to the purpose that God has for your life. But trust me they can all distract you from where you are supposed to be going. You will never find your purpose in life through anything else but through Christ. The longer you define yourself through people and things, the longer you suffer.

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who Am I? Through Christ:

I am more than a conqueror

I am the head and not the tail

I am the lender and not the borrower

I can do ALL things

I am a new creature

I am a son of God through faith

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am the chosen generation

I am forgiven of all my sins and washed in the blood

I am redeemed

I am Holy and without blame before Him in Love

I am set free

I am strong in the Lord

I am victorious

I am One in Christ.

Build your relationship with God and stop building your foundation on other people and things. Our only hope is in Christ Jesus. He died on the cross in order for you to know who you are.

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