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"Put some RESPEK on my name"

Birdman at his finest hour lol

You know, there is that one time you hear something and you ask yourself, what in the world were they thinking? I am pretty sure everyone who heard the Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman, fry up the Breakfast Club Radio Show was wondering, “, what was you thinking?" Basically, in a nut shell, the rapper was mad about some comments the radio show had said about him, and instead of tweeting about it or using social media to confront the comments, Birdman shows up to the radio station, goons and all, and makes a short speech about, "...when you mention my name, put some 'respeck' on it."

As funny, yet a little scary, as the clip of the confrontation was, it got me thinking about the power in a name. We all know names have power and we all know some names also hold authority. But there is only one name that not just earth has respect for, but the heavens have respect for His name, and that name is JESUS. Now, I know most of you who are reading this already know the familiar scriptures that show the power in His name. We sing about it, we read about It, we pray to it, but do we really understand the respect aspect of the name of Jesus?

What do I mean by respect? Well, I am early riser - I wake up about 6:00 am or earlier EVERYDAY. So growing up, I was always the first person up in the house. In most Baby Boomers' homes, Saturday was clean up day, and my job each week was vacuuming the stairs. This particular morning, mom asked me to do the stairs. This wasn’t something out of the norm, this is what I do. But this particular Saturday, there must have been something I really wanted to watch on TV. When I vacuumed the stairs, I must have done a "quick job" because after I did it, I was summons again to redo the stairs. Being interrupted from my show wasn’t going to happen, with me giving a smart remark to my mom for the inconvenience. So mom, who is legally blind -

no joke, she couldn’t see for crap, says, “Boy, you ain't vacuum these stairs - there is trash still on the steps”. So, in my mind, I am about to pay her for making me get up to re-vacuum these stairs. I say back to her, “MOM, I already did the stairs!" She replies, “I still see dirt on the floor”. Here is the moment that changed my life. I say to her, “You can’t see no way, what are you talking about?”. At that moment, I believe that my life direction was shifted, because my mom slapped me across the face like never before. At that moment, I was redeemed.

I shared this story because, as a son to a parent, there is some respect that comes on that name, PARENT. There are some things you just cannot say to your parent. I believe the name of Jesus is the same way. There are some people in the faith who believe that God understands we are human, so you can address Him any way you want. God is a big enough God to understand what you are saying. I understand that point. But at some level of maturity, you have to “put some respeck on his name”. The name Jesus has power that both the earth and the heavens respond to. Demons are cast out at the name of Jesus, bodies are under the control of the name of Jesus. This name isn’t something that we should take lightly. Understand that there really IS power in the name Jesus! Yes, we should be able to vent to our Savior about the cares of the world, the trials of life, and our pains and sorrows. Jesus taught us how to pray and how to properly communicate to GOD, our father. As we mature, as we begin to grow in the mercies of God, we should know and understand the power we command when we use the name of Jesus. Jesus even told us, when you pray don’t just come any old kind of way. There is a level of respect, when you pray to the Father.

The bible says in Matthew 6:7-8, "And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think that they will be heard for their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him…"

He told them, Bruh, pray like this:

“Our Father in heaven, #hallowed be your name.”The word Hallowed basically is saying “Let your name be kept holy", or "Let your name be treated with reverence”

R.E.S.P.E.C.K. lol

The Name is to honored, reserved, set apart - HOLY. So put some 'respeck' on his name! After all, He is the son of GOD; His name is Jesus, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords! At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess, that He is LORD…!

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