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FACE THE FEAR (get the ghost)

"GET THE GHOST" The Way you know you have the ‪#‎HolyGhost‬, isn't the tongues that you may or you may not speak. The way you know you have the holy Ghost, is the power that you walk in. Peter was able to turn from that fearful dude that dissed Jesus during Jesus's suffering, to a great preacher and apostle. Not because he was Jesus Homeboy, but because he relieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost. If you want to have the power to get things done, receive the gift of the holy ghost. Put out all the pre-conceived thoughts about what is going to happen. Remember this, when Peter got the holy ghost, he ,not to long before that moment, just fronted-on (denied)Jesus. He acted as if he didn't even know who Jesus was.. After receiving the holy ghost he taught and preached and 3000 people received the lord at one time. My point is, there are people who are waiting for you! Imagine if Peter never received the holy ghost; 3000 would have been lost. How many people are waiting for you to receive the gift of the holy ghost, so you can show them the way to Christ? ‪#‎nofear‬‪#‎facethefear‬ #Holyghost ‪#‎like‬ ‪#‎share‬ ‪#‎tellsomeone2016‬‪ #‎GETTHEGHOST‬

~Mykahl Raphael

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