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There is a man on death row. He is guilty and is about to die. There is a woman strapped to a electric chair about to serve a sentence of death for the wrong she has done. There are millions of people on death row, and about to DIE for crimes committed, and future crimes yet to be committed. They can all be redeemed, they all can be saved, and rescued if YOU send your only child to die for them. Not just any death, Not a quick gun shot to the head, not a needle, not jumping from a bridge. Your child will Grow up knowing they would have to die. The burden you are putting on your child would be on them to the end. Would you send you child to die? A humiliating death NAKED, and beaten beyond recognition . Would you send your child who you look at every day, and you hold close to your heart? Your pride and joy, the child that makes your heart flutter when you hear them playing outside. The child that melts your heart. Can you send that Child to die? To save people that will not even care half of the time of the sacrifice your child made? Would you send your child to die for people who refuse to say thank you?

God did this for you! God made this Choice! God sent his son Jesus to the earth knowing that his son was sent to DIE. Jesus was sent to earth, and did nothing wrong. All he did was just show the Love of GOD in the physical. They beat the brakes off Jesus. He was Naked in front of everyone. Body was exposed to all to see and tortured for hours.

How can someone do that? how can someone take this much punishment? I tell you why he did this with one word. that word is LOVE. For God so loved the world that he GAVE his only SON! ~John 3:16

Please no matter what you do today, even if you do not go to worship and a church, Dont forget that BLOOD was shed for you . Blood was shed for you to even choose NOT to go to church .. Understand this! Church is not the building. Church is US, you a

nd me. We meet together in a building to worship together. When Jesus Comes back he IS NOT coming back for a building; He is coming back for YOU. Dont forget the gift that GOD gave to you. JESUS! The name that is about all other names. The name if you call it all must Stop and acknowledge him as KING OF KING. Think about this when you are at home, on your way to church, work ... or where ever . Jesus ROSE for you! #LIKE #SHARE #BELEIVE ~Mykahl Raphael

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