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Blessed to be a Blessing!

Today is going to be a great day. Why? Because today God is going to use you to be a blessing to someone.her Yesterday while shopping for some items at Walmart, my wife was standing in line. There was a man there with 2 teenagers and a small boy. It appeared that he was trying to treat his kids to something nice. He had a couple 2 liter sodas some hostess cakes and some other things totaling about 6 bucks. He ended up not having enough. God had already start speaking to my wife about being a blessing to this father. She kindly told the man, as he was counting his quarters and pennies, trying to save the embarrassment of not have enough money, allow me to pay for this for you. She paid for his items and she just simply said “God bless you”. God puts people in our paths every day for us to show His love to. Don’t ignored the chance to be a blessing to someone today, and every day. How will people get to know God’s love, if YOU don’t share it? Today open your eyes, and notice the witnessing opportunities that God put right in front of us! #LIKE #SHARE #BELEIVE #TELLSOMEONE2016 MykahlRaphael

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