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Recently I did something that I never really thought I would do, I started a garden! I can’t explain it because after all the years of working in the family gardens as a young man I knew I did not enjoy this form of work.  Toiling in the heat and dirt after vowing to myself that I would never willingly inflict such affliction upon myself I found an impulse driving me to the dirt. It was an unexplainable feeling. It was not mere genetics, although my Dad was a master gardener. This passion, this drive had to be of a spiritual nature. I was driven to break up the ground. I was excited about preparing the soil. I was anxious to sow my seeds. I planted tomatoes, squash, and peppers from seedlings. I was most anxious about the things I planted from seeds. I planted Hanover and Turnip greens, Okra, Cantaloupes and Butter Beans. I enjoyed the instant gratification of the seedlings. I could see right away that the tomato plants were alive and well. Someone had already made sure that they had made a successful start. There is something special about sowing a seed. It’s a feeling of creation. God was allowing me to be in control of what was sown and what was harvested. As you know you reap what you sow! It wasn’t long before I saw little sprouts popping up with their heads crowning through the soil. It was almost like watching child birth but without all the screaming! As I cared for the little sprouts I couldn't help but be full of anticipation of what was to come. I found myself waiting, watering and watching.  Daily I looked forward to harvest time when my seeds, my little ones, would reach their full potential 

I found as a Senior Pastor here at Mt Sinai FLCC that ministry is a lot like gardening. In gardening I found myself online researching what I should know about my new endeavor. In ministry I found the same need to know and so I entered into ongoing study at Tidewater Bible College where I received my Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies. I have built upon this basic foundation and I am better able to sow into the lives of those I serve. In gardening, I learned the basics first - like how to break up the soil, make rows and planting methods. In life, I have tried to apply the basic philosophy. And for me, family life is basic for my ministry. It is my foundation! 

I am a husband, married to a wonderful woman, wife and mother. Frances is the joy of my life. Together we have 3 great children, 5 grandchildren and a wonderful extended family. My experiences with them have taught me what it means to serve.  

Throughout my twenty five years as Pastor at Mt Sinai, God has allowed me to sow seeds of faith into the lives of many. I have been blessed to see their lives sprout, bud, blossom and bear fruit. I remain excited as I prepare the soil, breaking up the fallow ground in the hearts of men and women. I never cease to be amazed to see how God can take a little seed and produce such a great harvest! So, I invite you to come to Mt Sinai where I am but a servant, where Jesus is the true vine and the Father is the Master Gardener. Together we can sow a seed and save the world.

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